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April 06, 2017


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Terry and Tori speak with the hosts of several bicycle-flavored podcasts including "We Got to Hang Out" and "The Sprocket Podcast".

March 03, 2017

Street Trust and State Money

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We meet the newly minted Street Trust and find out about the Transportation For Oregon's Future Coalition

This month on the KBOO Bike Show we'll be hosting some old friends with a new identity (and mission). Formerly the Bicycle Transportation Alliance the newly minted "Street Trust" has expanded their vision to include pedestrians and transit. But what does that mean for bikes and what the Street Trust even does? We'll find out in the first half in the show. Later, we'll be joined by Chris Hagerbaumer, the Deputy Director of Programs at the Oregon Environmental Council to talk about how they and other partners, along with the Street Trust, will be fighting at the state level for transportation dollars that help make Oregon a better place to live. This legislative session offers the first opportunity in 9 years for a new transportation bill, so their work is vital to a healthy Oregon and less congested transportation system. We'll hear how they plan to represent vulnerable road users to make our streets safer for everyone.

February 02, 2017

Bikes in Culture

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Alon and Tori explore the depiction of bikes in culture with Dr. Jeremy Withers, editor of "Culture on Two Wheels".

They also chat with cartoonist Andy Singer.

January 05, 2017


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Tori and Meg talk with several bike shop staffers about what makes a good shop and "the intimidation factor."

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