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July 02, 2015

Women's Racing

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Alon and Jocelyn discuss women's competitive and endurance cycling with Jenn Levo, Heather VanValkenburg and Hazel Gross from "Let's Race Bikes" and Abby Watson from Rapha.

June 04, 2015


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Alon and Jocelyn discuss the recent tragic fatality and several injury crashes with a Panel including: Jonathan Maus of BikePortland, Rob Sadowsky of the BTA, PBOT Bicycle Coordinator Roger Geller and Timur Ender from Commissioner Novick's office.

May 06, 2015

Street Books

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Tori and Alon talk with Diana Rempe and Ben Hodgson of the Street Books project, "a bicycle-powered mobile library, serving people who live outside."

April 03, 2015

Vision Zero

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Alon and Jocelyn talk with PBOT Director Leah Treat and Manager of Policy, Planning and Projects Art Pearce about Vision Zero, the Comprehensive Plan, Transportation System Plan and other important planning processes.

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