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August 09, 2019


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April and Tori talk with documentary filmmaker Liz Canning about her movie Motherload, exploring the intersection of cargo biking and family biking.

In the second half, they talk with Brandi Horton of the Rails to Trails Conservancy about a cross-U.S. trail!

July 05, 2019

Summer Reads

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Alon talks with Michael Kranish, author of The World's Fastest Man: The Extraordinary Life of Cyclist Major Taylor, America's First Black Sports Hero.

In the second half he interviews Evan Friss, author of On Bicycles A 200-Year History of Cycling in New York City.

June 07, 2019

The Science and Physics of Cycling

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We take a nerdy, deep-dive into how bikes actually... well, work! Join us for a fantastic look into the physics and science of bicycles and how it is we manage to stay upright when we're on them. Guests Dr. Joseph Connolly, author of Understanding the Magic of the Bicycle, and Dr.Stephen Cheung, co-editor of Cycling Science: The ultimate nexus of knowledge and performance to de-mystify the magic behind your ride.

May 03, 2019

Helmets and Brain Injury

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Tori and April chat with Dr. Michael Bottlang and Dr. Steven M. Madey of the Legacy Biomechanics Laboratory about how helmets interact with the head injury and the differences between impact, shear and rotational ("spin") forces. Their work has led to the development of Wavecel helmet technology now being marketed by Trek.

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