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April 04, 2014

Elly Blue

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Steph and new host Alon Raab are joined by author/publisher/speaker/advocate Elly Blue. They dispel myths and discuss her new book "Bikenomics: How Bicycling Can Save the Economy" (she asks that you buy it from an independent bookstore), her zine and book publishing, the women's bicycle movement and a wide range of other topics.

March 07, 2014

Our Bodies Our Bikes

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Tori is joined by Dr. Stacy Simms, Exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist, and biomechanical engineer from University of California Davis Judd Van Sickle to talk about what goes on in our bodies when we ride.

February 06, 2014


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Steph talks with Portland Transportation Commissioner Steve Novick, PBOT Director Leah Treat and Bicycle Transportation Alliance Advocacy Directory Gerik Kransky about City and State budgets for active transportation. And Commissioner Novick gets schooled on "Vision Zero".

January 02, 2014

Best of 2013

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Tori collates some of the best conversations of 2013, including the audience favorite: "ethicist" Randy Cohen.

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