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August 07, 2014

PBOT Leadership

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Christopher and Jocelyn talk with Portland Bureau of Transportation Director Leah Treat, and newly hired Active Transportation Division Manager Margi Bradwell, about PBOT funding, budgets, workplans and transformation to get to Vision Zero.

July 03, 2014


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Tori and Jocelyn discuss using your bike to get away from civilization with Maria Schur, Donnie Kolb and Jay Petervary.

June 05, 2014


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Tori and new hosts Jocelyn Gaudi and Christopher DeLaney talk with three cycling authors to discuss their books and their writing:

May 08, 2014


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Tori, Alon and new host Jocelyn Gaudi speak with Joe Biel and Sara Stout, discussing bicycle advocacy and bike fun in the context of the Critical Mass movement. Joe's documentary "Aftermass" about Critical Mass in Portland (and its demise) will screen in Portland on May 23rd.

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