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January 04, 2023


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This month's show includes a rebroadcast of a 2014 interview with Shannon Galphin, adventurer, author, & activist, who shares her work & activism w/ women in Afghanistan

In the second half, Alon speaks with John Waterman of PEAC (Programs to Educate all Cyclists), advocates for transportation equity for those w/ disabilities.

December 07, 2022

A Recent Favorite

Due to some technical issues at the station, this month's broadcast will feature a rerun of this show from March:

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Nedra interviews Kiel Johnson, chair of Bike Loud PDX, an organization working to hold the City of Portland accountable to their adopted goal of 25% bicycle mode share by 2030.

In the second half, Alon talks with William Frances, programs director of the Community Cycling Center. Their mission revolves around "...helping build a vibrant community where people of all backgrounds use bicycles to stay healthy and connected."

November 05, 2022

Neurology, Activism and Gravel

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Alon talks with Hami Ramani, a Portland activist, about the situation in his birth country of Iran and conditions on the streets in Portland, including the recent death of Sarah Pliner. Hami is active with both the Bike Loud and Street Trust advocacy groups.

In the second half Neda talks with gravel pioneer Chris Skogen, founder of the Almanzo 100 event.

October 07, 2022

Bicycle Cooperatives

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Nedra talks to Ruthy Woodring of Pedal People, a worker-owned human-powered delivery and hauling service for the Northampton, Massachusetts area.

In the second half Alon speaks with Roger Noehren, founder of Citybikes and Sara Stout, a long-time former worker at the worker-owned shop. Some current Citybikes members want to sell the buildings and close the store.

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